Alexandra Michaels Photography


Photo by Steven Hong

Photo by Steven Hong

Alexandra is a San Francisco native that has a passion for capturing the beauty around her by translating that into timeless photographs. She has a deep appreciation of fine art photography. The works of Rodney Smith, Keith Carter, Lisa Kristine and Gregory Colbert have encouraged her to follow her dreams.  Photography runs deep through her blood, as her grandmother was a fashion model in the late 40's and her mother was a commercial photographer in San Francisco. She was privileged to study under world renowned photographers at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography.  In her free time, you can find her scouting out new locations and shooting through the ground glass of her grandmother's vintage Roleiflex. Traveling to new places, meeting people and experiencing different cultures helps keep her inspired.

Artist Statement

Photography enables me to slow down and connect with the world. I feel that creating an image that posses simplicity, truth and emotion is essential. It is satisfying to be able to fearlessly express my vision, without limitations, letting my imagination run wild. No matter where the road of life takes me I will keep harnessing my craft and keep following my heart. 

Recognition & Exhibits 

February 2 - March 22nd 2018 - The Pacific Art League of Palo Alto "Works on Paper" 

June 27, 2014 - Duncan Miller Gallery - Your Daily Photograph                                                                        

August 2013 - Brooks Institute - Creative Digital Imaging Gallery                                                                    

June - July 2012 - Gallery Exhibit - Bean Street Coffee                                                                                    

October 21, 2011 - Published in National Geographic Daily Dozen                                                                  

May - June 2011 - Gallery Exhibit - Bean Street Coffee